Red White & Bulldozer (EP)

by Gutsnagged

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released June 29, 2017

Shout out to Decomposition of Entrails. A big influence on me as a slam artist and their music has been a vent of my darkest emotions for what feels like forever. And also thanks to them for giving me the BPMs to one of their tracks and allowing me to cover it. Also a big shoutout to my homie Christian who helps me out in promoting and printing my music, and shoutout to all my other homies in the underground slam and grind scene.



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Death metal band from the country that brought you NASCAR, Miller Lite, Donald Trump, Kid Rock, The WWE, Copenhagen, Fords, Chevys, and NASCAR.

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Track Name: Misogynistic Degrading Compulsory Quaffage of Constant Seminal Flow from a Diphallic Heptaorchid Genital Deformity
Lurking in the alleys of town
My mutant cocks lust for the mouth of some unlucky cunt
My one desire is to watch a woman cry
While I relieve my sick desires in ways so fun
Nowhere to run the site of my loins makes her gag
7 rancid testicles grotesquely sag
From my massive erect double-cocked deformity
She can beg all she wants but I'll force her to blow me
I grab a head full of her hair
Stuff one of my cocks to muffle her pleas
Tears roll down her face I can tell she is scared
Once empowered I've reduced her to her knees
Her delicate soft hands try to push me back
Her struggle merely makes me lust for much more
The back of her throat is brutally attacked
I beat the living shit out of this dumb whore

While one of my cocks chokes this disgrace
The other beats her fucking face
Feel a big load begin to blow
Filling her mouth til it overflows
Loads of semen from her mouth
Dripping all over her gown
Tears and semen drench her mug
On my jizz she's forced to chug

While my one dick force feeds her cum
The other showers her in spunk
Producing more jizz as she blows
This stupid bitch is fucking soaked
Track Name: Multi-Puncture Super-Heated Steel Rod Vaginectomy
Tied down to a table
This stupid little bitch
Begging for her life now
I'm the wrong guy to fuck with
Legs pulled apart by ropes
Vagina is exposed
Steel rod heated in the furnace
This bitch has got to go

I've got it in my hands
She's shaking her head no
Glowing hot I lower it down
Right down to her cunt
The most blood curdling scream
Emits as I fuck her
With a glowing hot steel rod
This bitch is fucking done

Shock ensues as I fuck her
With this glowing rod I sterilize her
This doesn't look like a cunt anymore
Bleeding out and blistered I've wasted this whore

Screams were brief
Dead as can be
Stupid bitch
Don't fuck with me
Drives my urge
To make them bleed

Another useless whore murdered
Too disfigured to rape her
Carcass left to rot in a ditch
I have no more needs from this bitch
Track Name: Forced Lesbian Intercourse
The perverse mind of one who loves to spectate

Forcing victims to fuck while I masturbate

Manipulated like objects and forced to fornicate

Perverse acts I get off to for rape I advocate

I keep two young women in my basement of terror

Scared and stripped but completely unaware

Of the acts I'll force upon them with promises of freedom

But lights of broad daylight, they'll never fucking see them

Cause when I'm done with bitches there won't be need for stitches

I leave them to rot in enfuckments in ditches

For me to wedge my throbbing hard dick right into

Once I have hold of them there's nothing they can do

Now the time has come as I make the redhead lick

Her sweaty crying friend's already sore clit

Gun to her head I force her to feast

On this cute brunette's pussy soaked in vaginal grease

Like a live action real-life lesbian porno

Watching her flick her bean nice and slow

I specifically give them both strict demands

Or else face the punishment of the gun in my hand

I force the redhead's legs open and take out my stun gun

Delivering a discharge to her spit covered cunt

The best way to trigger instant female ejaculation

Forcing her friend's face in it as I watch the fluids run

Over-stimulated pussy gushing sweet salty juices

Making the brunette lap up ever last drop

Every last bit of what her cunt produces

A tasty concoction of vaginal slop

Tongue to tongue

Cunt to cunt

Tongue to cunt

My idea of fun

Lapping up the fluid off their delicated sexually exhausted bodies

Gasping cunt juice-stained faces attempt to utter pleas

Taking turns stuffing their soaked twats with my throbbing cock

I finally blow my load on them then make them lick it off