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by Gutsnagged

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released March 8, 2017



all rights reserved



Death metal band from the country that brought you NASCAR, Miller Lite, Donald Trump, Kid Rock, The WWE, Copenhagen, Fords, Chevys, and NASCAR.

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Track Name: Fornication With The Severed Heads of Peta Supporters
Killing is in my nature

Slaughtering these mistakes of nature

Picking up their severed heads

Shoving my cock into them

The most protein to touch their lips

Will have come out the head of my dick

Fornication with the corpses of stupid vegans

Tearing the heads off of these dumbass hardcore cucks

Ramming my dick through the bottom of their severed heads

Within 10 seconds of decapitation so they feel it

Shooting loads from their throat right out of their mouth

Landing on the face of the one cuck that I spared

To spread my clearest message far and fucking wide

All you vegan cuckhold faggots are all gonna die

Drenching her face in my pungent seed

Crying because the concoction has too much protein

Piping her hard and giving her my meat

Leaving her twitching without her dignity


The heads of butchered vegans

To sooth my hatred


Right through the skull

Condemned to rot and putrefy

Her body

Violated among them

Among her dead vegan brethren

The best fuck I've had in a long time

She watched her kind die
Track Name: Morgan Freeman's Pungent Semen
He watches you when you sleep

Narrating your hopes and dreams

To achieve the ultimate goal

To go through your wormhole

On a quest to earn another freckle

He will defile you

He'll be inside you

Feeling the insides of your warm cunt

With his god-level weapon of ass destruction

You cannot hide

And you cannot resist

Open up your legs

Simply give into him

Leaving you breathless

Twitching and violently defiled

Mr. Freeman leaves your home with a smile
Track Name: Gorified Muslim Shredder

To the followers of a religion of violence

Eradication of these extremists one by one

Liberation of those oppressed

Stopping their expansion in its tracks

Putting every trace of their faith 6 feet under

The machine's wheels turn

Grabbing them with claws and hooks

Tearing them limb from limb

Staining the Earth with the blood of muslims

The blood brings freedom

The blood brings salvation

The mass execution of muslims streamed live for all to see

Litering the sand with their shredded carcasses